We all agree that love is magical, and reading is fun. Now the trick is to make every child love reading.

The most important part of any movie or game is the story. If you don’t have a good beginning, there likely isn’t going to be a good ending. Once you know where it starts, and ends, the journey is the real fun. In this story, magic is hidden away in books that are outlawed, in fact reading and writing are against the law, and it is up to a child to help change the law of the land.

Children learn from books so it is ironic many children’s books have lessons and behaviors that aren’t something you’d really want them to learn. We are entertained by violence, comedy and surprise, and you don’t get those by relating normal everyday occurrences, so we tend to walk a fine line to set a moral standard that everyone can agree on, and still make the book entertaining when by definition moral should be boring. Actually most cross the line and our goal is to cross it with enough gusto that we have some fun and no one really gets upset.