Here we will walk you through the production process and pipeline we are developing to create an E-book / Animated Movie and Interactive Computer Game that will take advantage of the latest hardware and software tools to make high quality products for 10 times less than the hundreds of millions of dollars that these typically cost.

Using tools from Intel, HP, Nvidia, Autodesk, PhaseSpace, Daz3D and others, we are able to reduce the workload and push many of the tasks that you never even knew were expensive off to computers. Typically animated movies are costing 100 million to 200 million dollars, because the process of making them is considered very complex requiring hundreds of people. Ironically telling a story usually starts with a single person and then expands to a few and then to a few more in a gradual organic fashion, but with Hollywood productions, once there is a green light, there is a mad rush to make it happen as fast as possible, and something often gets lost along the way.

While computer and graphic card processors have improved by a hundred fold in the last 20 years, the way experts use them is fixed in the way that a few successful companies pioneered over 20 years ago. Software that used to require expert computer users is now more powerful and available to talented artists to bring their worlds to life. 20 years ago a workstation and software would have cost about $250,000 per artist, forcing very clever experts to figure out ways to not use computers when possible for computer animation! Now a more powerful computer is under $5,000 and the software is about $5,000 per artist with features that are much more powerful than before, with the capabilities improving every year.

Our goal is to take advantage of these improvements by Intel, HP, Nvidia and others, and start to tell our story with a team of less than 20 people. Then when we have a first pass, we can review it, and iterate. If you had spent two years and millions of dollars working out a dozen scenes, you’d be upset if someone told you they needed major changes, but if you’d only spent a few months and less than a hundred thousand dollars, you’d eagerly accept improvements. By making the movie over and over with subtle changes, we are working the story much like a successful play or stage musical, until we have a professional product that reflects the best efforts of the actors, artists, musicians and creative team. Thank you for coming to our world. Let us know if you have ideas to share with us.