Welcome to The Tower of the Dragon.

Our goal is to tell a story of a world where reading is forbidden, and magic is only supposed to be used by those who obey without thinking.

The main character, Lyric, is a child who has to save the world when adults can’t and learns that making friends and being a friend is the most powerful magic of all.  In our adventure, a combination of comical interactions with other characters, songs, examples, and a comprehensive story interweave issues such as insecurity, teasing, and self reliance. Lyric is carried through events beyond their control, and forced to take actions that will affect everyone’s life.

This is a project that will change the way animations are done, not by a single revolutionary step, but by starting fresh and taking advantage of the myriad hardware, software and production tools available and supported by the computer and games industries.

The goal is to tell a story, so sit back and enjoy.


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